How to Eliminate Flooding & Maximize on Enjoyment Outdoors During Winter

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A flooded, unusable outdoor space doesn’t have to be the reality for your home during the winter season. There are a variety of resources and outdoor products available to help ensure your backyard functions as a livable environment all year long.



When it comes to outdoor surfaces that withstand wet weather, there are plenty of options to choose from. One surface, however, stands out above the rest. Paving stones. While materials such as concrete don’t offer a flexible system with adequate drainage, pavers do. These complex drainage systems are designed to funnel out excess water build up, allowing your outdoor spaces to remain fully functional after, or even during, a winter storm.

With a personalized design to fit your needs, your home can be equipped with a paver patiodriveway or walkways that will easily drain away any unwanted puddles or potential flooding during the rainy winter season.


And drainage solutions for your outdoor spaces don’t stop with paving stones. Residential artificial turf also includes an advanced drainage system to keep your lawn looking pristine and usable, regardless of the weather. Enjoy play time outside in between rainfall without having to worry about muddy clothes, kids or pets.

Covered Pergolas

A flood-free yard is the first step to maximizing on time spent outdoors during the winter months. But what about shelter? Whether the skies are blue and sunny or overcast and rainy, a covered pergola is perfect for creating a protected area to entertain, bond with family, or simply enjoy some down time.


Covered pergolas can be completely personalized to meet your individual needs. Create a secluded entertaining space by installing ceiling lights, a surround sound system and a weatherproof television in your pergola. Or, opt for a cozy relaxation retreat by including a fire element, an accent water feature, and some plush blankets and pillows for your outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Of all the fire elements available to personalize your space withoutdoor fireplaces are ideal for bringing that inviting indoor ambiance out into the backyard. Work with your design expert to include an elegant fireplace within your covered pergola to get all the luxuries of your living room, outside. This setup also provides an opportunity to sit outside enjoying the sounds of falling rain while staying warm by the heat of the fire.

Another option is to have your fireplace built out in the open, allowing you and loved ones to take in that crisp, clean winter air without compromising on warmth or comfort. Gather around the dancing flames with hot cider and smores supplies to spend quality time with friends and family.


While winter might seem like the best season to hunker down indoors, your outdoor space can offer the luxuries needed to truly enjoy this time of year outside. With proper drainage for your outdoor surfaces and lawn, a covered pergola and a built-in fireplace, your home will be the go-to spot well past the colder months of the year.

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